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Tissuequickplantlabs.com and the business TQPL is now closed.

Due to personal reasons we are unable to continue.

We thank all our many friends and customers in the UK, Europe and worldwide for your past custom and support over the years....

Having worked in the commercial orchid world, horticulture and academic research I realised in the late 1980's that plant tissue culture production needed to find a better way to vent its aseptic cultures. Primarily to take advantage of light weight plasticware for international worldwide shipping of live plants out of the UK. The production of orchid plants in UK and worldwide had little changed since 1960's with an emphasis on using laboratory glassware and heavy jars for aseptic production. So I set about finding a way to improve things for UK orchid nurseries. Working directly with PTFE manufacturers we persuaded them to produce multilayered venting discs to our in-vitro specifications. It was a new area of application for the leading PTFE manufacturers, who had no idea about aseptic plant production and aseptic venting in the 1980's! After extensive trials these proved to be the best solution to vent plant cultures long term. Better venting allowed the production of superior plants in a much quicker growth cycle and better establishment out of flask in the nurseries. Our Adhesive Microfiltration Discs filtered so successfully that they allowed the extensive export of plants around the world by air transport, while maintaining aseptic integrity and contamination free plants. There were no problems of aseptic integrity being compromised by air travel pressure changes. Something that is a problem for plants produced conventionally in laboratory flasks, when international export is attempted. Such an approach has been copied by laboratories and nurseries around the world, often based on our model. Many were quick to see the superior plants they could produce and the control they gave over in-flask humidity.

The flasks we produced were sold around the world, appeared at UK and international shows and were traded especially in USA, and Japan. The orchid world was able to see how good our world beating orchid flasks really were, as they were sold by Ratcliffe Orchids, a major Paphiopedilum breeder based in UK and USA. Even today (2020) it is difficult to find anyone who produces flasks of Paphiopedilums of this quality! Importantly out of flask survival was at 100% due to the optimal inflask growth due to environment, media and ventiation. Such good survival is often difficult to achieve by many other laboratories, even in their expert hands.

With the growth of the internet in the 1990's many nurseries and laboratories were also keen to take advantage of this technology and so we made our PTFE discs available for direct purchase. We also developed a market for other associated products including our specialist Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium orchid media. Our finely tuned custom media produced outstanding results, as we produced plants at TQPL for the largest Paphiopedilum nursery in Europe with expansion into the USA. We also enabled the world's very first seedlings of Phragmipedium kovachii to be raised in Peru on TQPL media, sown and grown by the first registered lab allowed to work with this species. Allowing this senational species to be laboratory propagated in Peru.

Our PTFE Adhesive Microfiltration Discs have also proved to be particularly effective at rendering products moisture and dust safe providing a 'clean-area' to protect sensitive electronics. Of multiple use in the engineering, automotive and sensing industries. Our PTFE multi layered discs have been used and copied around the world by a number of PTFE manufacturers, however many of the copies have proved to be inferior.

Finally hoping in our small way, over the years, that we have helped many to grow in-vitro plants and filled nurseries around the world with beautiful plants. Ensuring that they can readily bring the pleasure of plants to their customers.

Unfortunately we will not be able to answer e-mails or questions over the phone. We do not have any products to sell.

November 2020.











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